Talking and listening



Need glasses on?

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If you need glasses then they should be offered to you and clean. You should be able to see any information or peoples faces clearly to take part.

Hearing aid needed?

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If you use a hearing aid then this should be available and checked that it is fitted and working correctly to ensure they have the best chance of hearing what is being said.

Lip reader?

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Do you lip read to help you understand what people are saying?  If so, make sure everyone speaks clearly and faces you.

Sign language/interpreter needed?

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If anyone involved in the assessment needs an interpreter to take part then  arrangements should be made for this.

Dentures in?

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If you wear dentures, they should be available, clean and fitting to allow you the best chance to speak and feel confident around others.

Special help of any kind?

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If there is anything else that would help you to speak or to hear better then take the steps you need to make these things happen.